We Offer Benefits Not Usually Available to Individuals

Not all services are available at every location.

Not all services are available at every location.
Consult your provider about services offered and your healthcare needs.
Provider Access (typical availability or response time)
Doctor’s office appointments: Same- or next-day for urgent needs
Email consults: Within one business day
Phone consults: Within two hours during business hours/within
45 minutes outside of business hours
Primary & Preventive Care
• Basic vision screening (color & near vision)
• Blood pressure screening
• Chronic condition management
• Comprehensive personal evaluation
• Coordination with other providers
• Fitness & nutrition coaching
• Health risk assessment
• Hearing screening (audiometry)
• Lifestyle & risk-reduction coaching
• Sports physicals
• Well-child visits
Treatments & Procedures
• Basic splinting
• Basic wound care
• Ear wax removal
• Incision & drainage of abscesses
• Ingrown toenail removal
• IUD insertion & removal (IUD not included)
• Joint & bursa injection/aspiration
• Lung function screening (spirometry)
• Nebulizer treatment
• PAP smear
• Peak flow testing
• Skin biopsy (lab not included)
• Skin cyst removal
• Skin tag & wart removal (cryo)
• Stitches
• Suture/staple removal
Lab Services
• Blood draws & sample collection
• Hemoglobin A1C
• Pregnancy test
• Standard annual labs
• Stool blood test (FOBT)
• Strep throat test
• Td (tetanus, diphtheria)
• Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria,
Health Portal
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• Available 24/7
• Make and manage prescriptions from your doctor
• Request refills and view prescriptions
• Email your doctor securely
• Download your personal health record
• Manage your membership